The wedding of a nephew


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My nephew invited me to his wedding and also sought my advice. The budget for the wedding is limited so he has not invited all our relatives. I said that it is just okay since we are in the pandemic era. To be honest, I will give a gift but I will not attend the wedding because of the covid protocol. I just want to play it safe for my health because I don't feel good in being with a big crowd. Maybe I can just participate in the virtual attendance.


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The wedding could be done while it is recorded so people can watch it on YouTube. My friends did their wedding virtually and now it is on their YouTube channel. I'm not aware of any reception but I'm sure only family members were invited.


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It is good that you are taking such a practical stand. Otherwise, most relatives are offended if not invited and if at all they are invited, then they will certainly go to the wedding in spite of any difficulties/

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