There is a hype on rabbit meat


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The rabbit raisers in our country is trying to market their product of rabbit meat by creating a hype in social media. There's the post of the picture of a barbecue of a whole rabbit. A friend who is also a rabbit raiser is inviting me to sample their meat. The dish that he cooked is called the caldereta which is hot and spicy like the goat's meat. But to be frank about rabbit meat, I don't think I have the stomach for that.


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I know that rabbit meat is appreciated as a delicacy and that people hunt them in the wild. But was not aware that they are raised commercially as food . I cannot imagine myself wanting to eat such a cute furry animal but I guess people really like the taste.


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That's really a good invitation because you not only sample the rabbit meat but you get to eat it for free. I personally have never eaten rabbit meat but those who have done it always say it is delicious.

I'm sure the rabbit raisers will get more clients after the hype they created.

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