Treating the honor student to a trip abroad


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This topic is more for the wealthy family. I know of some families that took a cruise as a reward for their honor student child. Another family went to London for a short vacation as a reward again for the son who graduated with honors in high school. That reward may be a good incentive to the child because if I were the child then I would certainly strive to earn an honor in school. How I love to travel when I was a student.


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This reminded me of how my school used to reward top students with free trips and I'm happy to have participated in them.

My celebration was quite different when I graduated but I felt appreciated.


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That is indeed a great opportunity for the young students to be gifted with such amazing trips. I wish I had that privilege when I was a student. However, My son is still young and I wish I can take him to a trip abroad once he graduates.


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I think this kind of reward for the good study is really helpful. Such gifts motivate children to study well because they understand what good study can lead to. But when children are sent on a trip, you have to think of everything that can come in handy. Children always need more things and extra items like medicine or shoes. Also, many liquids are taken on a trip, for which you need packing hacks. This is especially true for flights because airports require strict packing of liquids. There are a lot of nuances, but if everything is thought out, the trip will pass without incident. Do you encourage your child to travel?

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