Turning vegan for the sake of the budget


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Admittedly the pandemic caused the high prices of food and other items. One neighbor said that she had turned vegetarian just to make ends meet. With 4 kids to feed their budget is eaten by the price increases. It can be inflation or depression but the crux is the shortage of the budget due to the high prices in the market. Do you agree with her solution?


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May be her solution is wrong since dairy products are a good source of calcium and protein and she is depriving herself and her family of those, but that is the best she can probably do to make ends meet and at least ensure that her family eats.


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I cant do that you should either buy cheaper food or grow your own will save if you do that,if you decide to go vegan you will be denying a lot of nutrients to your children who need it.your children may also opt going to their neighbour.

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