United we eat, divided we do the chores


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The title of this thread is the motto in our home when we were kids. There were 4 boys in the brood that would be cleaning the interior and exterior of the house. I love to be assigned in the front yard garden although I hate to pull the weeds. After doing the chores there would be the snack of bread with cheese which I really liked during those younger years. Cheese was a big treat. I hope the families are still doing that division of labor at home.


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We too had chores divided among the three of us. However, we didn't really get such treats often as a way of payment, the chores were supposed to be our duty. We got treats on festivals, birthdays etc. and when achieved something good. Nowadays, it doesn't happen much as most people have only one or two kids and there are maids or servants to do the chores.


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We did the same, and I believe it was one of the best things our parents did for us. It was frustrating and annoying to do all the cleaning and the chores, nevertheless, it always brought us all together to work on a "common goal." Besides the discipline that it taught us, it also made us a better team as we helped each other so that we could play sooner. Moreover, it was so much fun, especially on a sunny day in the summer. I implemented the same rule for my children, and now we have a chore chart template at home.


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I also agree I'm teaching kids how to do house chores despite their gender. In our family my parent had a mindset that boys can not do kitchen chores such as cooking or washing the dishes or even cleaning the floor. To me thats not right and I will make sure I teach my kids alk the chores regardless of the gender. It helps alot in adulthood and even you can find that your son has cooking skills and can even become a chef in future. Like we normally see nowadays alot of good male chefs that are doing very well.


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Oh man, that motto brings back memories! We had a similar deal at my place growing up. I'd be out in the yard any day over dealing with weeds though. And yep, cheese snacks were the real reward! 🧀

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