Video games for the kids


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I have noticed that some kids are so engrossed on video games. A friend defended that video games for kids are worthwhile which affords them to leave their toddler to the mercy of the gadget. Isn't it funny that when the tv came out in the 1960s they called it the "idiot box" because kids who watch tv were amused and engrossed but they learn nothing. Now the video games are worse because those internet games only give the kids mental fatigue.


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While some games can be educational and engaging, there's a balance to strike between screen time and other activities for kids. It's important for them to have a well-rounded experience and not just be glued to screens.


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I understand the concerns about kids spending too much time on video games. It's true that balance is key, and too much screen time can be detrimental. However, there are also educational and age-appropriate games available that can help kids develop skills and problem-solving abilities.

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