Watching an actual movie shoot


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My friend who is a film director is asking if I can help him gather audience for his movie shooting next month. The concept is for the audience to learn how to shoot a movie. There is a certain fee but that would include a complimentary meal and snacks. The attraction of the shooting is for the audience to see and meet the actors in the set. They can also be included as extra in the shooting if additional people are needed.


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Did you agree to help him gather audience and do you manage to find some people for the shoot?

If I had that opportunity here, then I would go for the movie shoot. It would be fun participating in such an event because it could open opportunities to be an actor too.


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I have never seen an actual movie shoot but my husband has. According to him, it can get pretty boring and slow for the audience as there are multiple takes and retakes. But if you yourself are going to participate in helping out and there are meals etc. complimentary then I think you would enjoy it.

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I happened to witness personally how the movie is shot in a location where we are having our educational tour in Dapitan.

Shooting site is in the Dakak beach resort with a white sand. It's the shooting of the late comedian Dolphy for his Home Along the Riles TV series.

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