What is the main purpose of your credit card?


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I have 3 credit cards but I only use 2 as of now. One is for the gasoline and groceries while the other one is for other expenses like when I dine out or when I buy something that is not a regular item. Using the credit card is a temptation so I have learned how to control the urge to buy. At least I am not saddled with bills to pay and I have peace of mind that my credit card is manageable. How about you, how do you use your credit card?


Credit card can be a financial trap and many times people are seen falling in to it. That said, even though it might prove to evil, credit cards are very necessary, especially in times such as now when we wish to minimise contact with strangers and do not want to touch money handled by others. I own a single credit card and have a strict spending limit of my own, the limit given by my card provider bank is quite substantial but I choose to have my own limit so I can comfortable pay the bill each month without feeling the crunch. Using credit card, specially for online shopping has its benefits in the form of extra discounts. So I use it for all my online shopping, to buy large appliances where I can avail of interest free EMI options and also remain within my spending limits.


I never had a credit card, only a debit card and I use it for verifying my Paypal account and transferring the funds here in my bank account. I'm the type that prefers to pay always in cash than use a credit card.


I don't use a credit card. I use a debit card. When you use a credit card, you use bank money and you tend to interpret this as free money and you go on a shopping spree. When your credit card statement arrives, you will start repenting. However, when you use a debit card, you will be spending your own money. Since you are spending your hard-earned money, you are careful about your spneding.

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