What is the most frugal thing you do to save money?



I am very grateful to you for the information. I have used it.


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Almost all the families, with few exceptions, have hired help to do their cleaning such as sweeping, mopping floors etc. but I prefer to do it myself as I get some exercise and also save quite a sum of money each month.


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When we got a bank loan to buy our home that was the most frugal times in our life. The installment was almost double the rent that we used to pay so our budget got very tight. No luxuries and that was the law - ice cream, cake, vacation trip and other expenses that we can do without. It was 2 years of such frugality that I don't remember having snacks during those times.


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To be precise what is better than walking short distances. That saves you money as well as the bill on healthcare. I have been walking and biking a lot of late that has done me a world of good. I am fitter and also saving on petrol. There is a long list of things that one can do to save money. These things don't look significant in the beginning but make a big difference.
Frugal living helps you to build your financial freedom and helps you to quickly achieve your financial goals.
Don't be afraid to make some major adjustments along your way. You are the one to control what matters to you and what doesn't. I suggest asking yourself what is a priority for you and what isn't a necessity for you.

When I used to work, I used to carry my home lunch from home so that I do not have to but takeout meals every day.
I also went back to school and learned a course on braiding and I am making the hair of my daughter and her cousin. This has helped me to advance on the skill and earn some money offline.


I didn't eat lunch, only recess when I was still going to school so that I could save money. As an adult, I opted to just walk instead of commuting as a form of exercise, so I saved money that way.


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No one talked about walking here. I have walked long distances to save money on petrol as well on doctors :) One should know the importance of saving on various items including health, money and the environment. I have done it all and find myself closer to nature during my walks in forests and parks where people pay a lot of money on transportation.


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I buy things in bulk where I'm from because in that way I get the items at the wholesale price.i also recycle lots of stuff and do DIY projects


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I am using Apps that offer a lot of cashback these days. I am happy with them as I am living under mandatory locked down so saving money as well as saving myself from catching the virus. I hope there will be more Apps available and they will offer more cashback.


I am working to clear a huge debt I accrued during the lockdown. A critical step involved moving to a smaller apartment whose rent is half that I used to live in. Still, I purposefully committed to adjust my lifestyle particularly with regards to my food expenditure. These days, I cook on a daily basis meaning I rarely eat out. I realize that these actions will be detrimental to my financial stability both in the short and long terms.


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Any ideas or tips?
I have done several, example:
  • Eating one meal a day, and only eating when am hungry.
  • Disposing off luxury items that just cost me more in maintenance.
  • Bought a used vehicle.
  • Replaced my first used vehicle with another "newer" used vehicle. I realized buying a new car is a scam.
  • Meditation and practicing stocism. It helps you connect to nature and realized things that derail your life and prevent you from achieving your maximum.
  • Lastly, i started my own garden and kept chickens. I produce 60% of my annual food needs from my farm. Looking forward to hitting 90% very soon.

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When I started working as an elementary school teacher, I was already in debt due to the delay of my monthly salary.

Then, my wife started to prepare a budget that the money which I gave her is enough for our subsistence. In short we live within our means.

When I finally retired from the service all of my financial obligations are settled and we have more than enough for our savings.


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You know what? I ate mangoes for lunch today just because we have two trees of mangoes and available enough as this is the peak of mango season here. So once my wife suggested eating mangoes and save money, I agreed immediately. I love eating mangoes and planning to eat them for lunch for the rest of the season. I am sure it will save a lot of money for the next 30-40 days.


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I buy groceries at the open air market because they are cheaper there. I also buy some dresses at the open air market because it is cheaper this way. I really save much money and get a lot for less.

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Left over foods are recooked into another kind of preparation. When we have a leftover cooked rice, we fried it, put some seasonings and it tastes yummy.


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I noticed that most people who are afraid to spend an extra cent are poorer than those who buy everything. My colleague Tom is so greedy that he almost always breaks up with his girlfriend before the holidays to avoid giving her a gift. Let's try to introduce useful habits into our lives. Plenty of apps help us improve our financial performance and reverse our view of money, like GetUpside for example. I also advise you to think about increasing your income. Try to look for new opportunities.
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