What stove are you using?


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When I got married and started handling the food in our home it was already the liquefied petroleum gas stove that we were using. My mother said that using the electric stove is not practical because the electric consumption is too high. With the gas stove we can save on the fuel expense. The gas stove is also cheaper than the electric stove. If you are still using the electric stove then I guess you have to shift to the gas stove.


I am a bachelor so i have a 13kg gas cylinder connected to a stove equipped with 2 cooking places. This is enough for me.


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When I was younger, we used to use kerosene stove and charcoal as a source of cooking. Then we started using the electricity stove. Then we also use gas cylinder for cooking and we have been using for some years now.

We have all those four sources of cooking food that I mentioned so we can chose which one to use.

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