What time do you prefer to exercise?


Some people like to start the day with a workout, while some prefer to work out in the evening. I don't have a particular time that I always work out if I'm working out at home. It usually depends on my morale. However, for the gym, I found that lunchtime is great because there are usually not many people, if any, at this time. What about you?


I'm a morning person so if I'm going to exercise it has to be then. If I leave it too late in the day I know I won't do it so I walk the dog around 8.30am and then come home and do a few exercises. I have let everything go a bit since the pandemic.


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I would prefer morning exercises and evening.But it may also depend on how busy you are with your work or if you are in school.Most people who come home late from work woul prefer morning exersises.Its all on you to think on the most suitable time.
Of late, I have been working out during the night after all my daily activities. I personally have no time for working out. Like tomorrow I plan God willing I will wake up by five and do my morning activities some chores prefarably then head on out for a morning run.
What matters is you keep on moving.

Most people prefer to work out in the morning this is because it usually leaves them feeling rejuvinated and ready for the day.
If you begin your day with a workout you release so many endophins that help you kickstart your day.
The best workouts for the evenings are usually yoga cause it usually relaxes and calms the mind after a whole day of endless activities.
If you do the yoga workout and evenings wokout, you will find that you have enough sleep to get you ready for the next day.

I cannot do any form of exercises during the day. It is usually so hot and sunny so I usually just sweat a lot and it interferes with my workout.
Most people usually find enduarance during the day so their perfomance in any activity is high cause of the tempretures.
I believe we are all different just find out what is working for you and what isn't.


I have tried to exercise during various times of the day, and I noticed that I prefer to exercise early in the morning or late in the evening, that's the perfect time to do brisk walking since there aren't too many people.


I wish I could exercise every day, however, my hectic schedule does not allow me to get exercise regularly. I wake up at 5 in the morning do the chores, make breakfast, feed the child and hubby, and go to work by 9. I return home at 5 and I have to do household chores and I am either too tired to exercise or do not have time.
I ran today in the morning and it was so good. I plan to do the same tomorrow. I had a busy day but I was so energetic throughout the day.
I had such a good mood throughout the whole day.

There were few distractions since I was running by 6:30 am. Yesternight had rained so there was little heat and I really had a great time.
I am yet to find the best time but so far morning and evenings are the best for me.


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Though I am not a morning person, I like to go for walks early in the morning when there are no crowds on the road. But since lockdown started, I had to stop that. I do yoga and stretching exercises in the evening.


A lot of people I know do at the crack of dawn. Personally, I don't exercise. I only meditate.


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I am not a fan of workout but I do regular exercise in the morning. It is just the simple push up and the use of the hand grip to strengthen my hands. It takes me about 5 minutes or so do everything including the warm up, bending and stretching. Now I have added the lung exercise of breathing and holding the breath for 10 to 15 seconds. It is not easy at first but I got used to it.


I prefer working out in the morning. It always gives me a feeling of winning early on during the day, and I end up being productive during the day. Most of the time, I realized that I work out better if I wake up, meditate and then head out to the gym without first checking my phone. I perceive that the phone is full of cheap dopamine, which might flood the mind, and one lacks the motivation to work out. While I am not opposed to working out during the day or the evening, the chances of missing out are high due to fatigue or lack of motivation. However, every individual has to find a routine that works for them. Otherwise, some have their mornings busy and cannot afford to spend even a few minutes doing exercises. These can compensate with some exercises in the evening when they are less busy.

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