What type of investment is the safest?


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I am presently in search of an investment program that is safe. The time deposit in the bank would earn a very minimal interest that is why it is out of the question now. The stocks look okay but I am not 100% sold out yet. As of now it is real estate that looks to be the safest. However, there are many hassles in buying real estate because of the requirements in the processing. It takes time before the title can be transferred to the name of the buyer.


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Covid proved that no type of investment is safe. People lost jobs, businesses were closed and some companies experienced losses. But a good investment is the one that brings income and returns constantly. For example if you opened s hotel and customers kept coming. But even hotels were affected during covid. So it's hard to say which one is safe. You just need to take a risk. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


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It seems to me that one of the most promising areas for investment is pharmaceuticals. Medicines will always be relevant, ESPECIALLY during Covid or any other epidemic.

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