When someone in the family gets sick


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A friend asked me for help. Her mother is sick of pancreatic cancer. It is a terminal case which means the mother is dying. For a friendly assistance, I sponsored a trip to their hometown so the mother can meet her relatives again. It was a poignant scene when the family reunion looked sad for everyone. I realized that having a sick mother is one of the terrible things that can happen to a person. I pity my friend because it is like waiting for the death of her mother.


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It's really difficult and hard for both the sick person and the family members and friends. Death is part of life though it is very painful, we just have to accept things they way they are feel the pain and try to get better. You tried helping them out by sponsoring the trip and that is a very generous deed . Showing support during those tough times is the only option since you don't have the ability to cure the illness and pain.


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@Alexandoy, your support for your friend and her family during this challenging time is truly heartwarming. It's never easy to witness a loved one's health deteriorate, especially in cases like pancreatic cancer. Your gesture of sponsoring a trip for her mother to reunite with relatives is both thoughtful and meaningful.

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