When the mass transport cannot handle the capacity of the riding public


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The title of this topic is the present situation of the public transport in the Philippines. We have the buses and the city trains that have not enough capacity for the riding public. The middle class is forced to source out their own transport like buying a car or a motorcycle. It is an ordeal to get a ride in the bus or in the train during weekdays. You have to wait in the line for an hour or two. That is the sad state here that is why I am lucky to have a car of my own.


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Same is the case in India too. Existing infrastructure of the state run transport systems including buses and trains are proving inadequate for the rapidly rising population everywhere. So everywhere, people prefer using their own 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler vehicles thus putting more stress on public roads and traffic systems.


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In my country the same happens using public transportation can be hectic in certain days. There are also certain times that people have to wait in line for a space in the bus . Not everyone can afford buying a car and maintaining it so they are forced to just use public transportation until they can be able to afford their own.

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