Writing a journal

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When I was studying in high school, I had a handy or a pocket size diary. I wrote the important events that happened as especially my lovelife.

Some of them were kept by myself. Some were misplaced or missing. But those which I have on hand, I read them and the past memorable days come flashing back. Sometimes I am happy reading and at time sorrowful.


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I used to write a journal too and I did my best to make sure no one reads it. It had many sad experiences and good ones too. Over the years, I decided to tear some pages and left only few pages in the book. Now I don't write a journal anymore.


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I think this topic is out of context because this board is about food and drinks. However, the need to being friendly is inside of me so I will just add something to make this thread valuable somehow. My journal or diary is my folder of photos. Any activity that I have has pictures so I do not write a journal anymore. The pictures are dated so all I do is to check on the photo database for the particular date. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words so there is no need to write the details.

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