You can get a bigger discount when booking online


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Online booking gives a bigger discount when you book with booking companies instead of booking directly to the hotel's website. We discovered that discount in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We asked for a 1 day extension and the hotel's daily cost was higher than our online booking. The hotel manager explained that online booking companies are given a discount which means it is cheaper when you book with those booking companies instead of directly to the hotel.


Yes I have heard about that, also because I see the ads online that offer discounts when you book, so I think that it's a good way to save on money and in the convenience of your own home.


I have also noticed that when we book online, we are entitled to discounts as opposed to booking directly via the hotel website. Some hotels also give 10-15 percent discounts if you have stayed previously. I tend to choose those hotels so that I can get cash backs. Since you have to pay more during the peak season, I avoid staying in hotels during the peak season.

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